By-Laws Of the Greater Milford Area Bar Association

Article I. Name

This association shall be called the Greater Milford Area Bar Association.

Article II. Purposes

The purposes of the association shall be to maintain the honor of the profession,
to promote the administration of justice, to promote the study and appreciation of law,
jurisprudence and civics, to foster the cooperation between members of the bar and
other civic organizations, and to promote cooperation and good fellowship among
members of the local bar.

Article III. Membership

(1) Any member of the bar of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in good
standing may become a regular member by paying the annual dues of the

(2) Any member of the judiciary may become a judicial member of the
association by paying the annual dues and may continue membership while a
member of the judiciary or a retiree thereof.

(3) No person shall be a regular member in good standing whose dues are in

Article IV. Executive Board

(1) The executive board of the association shall be composed of a president; a
vice-president (who shall be the outgoing president of the past term); a
treasurer; a secretary; and one “at large” member appointed by the newly elected
Executive Board. The president, treasurer and secretary shall be
chosen by election at the final meeting of the association every other year.

1 Presented by the Executive Board (T. Persico, President; M. Kaplan, V. President; A. Cox, Treasurer; R.
Avery, Secretary) for vote by the general membership on December 9, 2015.
2 Association name amended from “Milford Bar Association” to “Greater Milford Area Bar Association” by
vote of the general membership on December 9, 2015.

(2) No person shall be eligible to serve as an officer or as a member of the
Executive Board who has not been a regular member in good standing for at
least one (1) year before his or her election.

(3) All Executive Board members shall hold their offices for a term of two (2)
years, beginning January 1 and continuing until December 31 of the next

(4) Except for the vice-president, an interim replacement for any seat that is
vacated prior to its term expiration may be appointed by the president. An
interim president may be appointed only by election of the members in good
standing at a formal meeting of the association.

(5) The President shall preside at all meetings of the association and the
Executive Board. (S)he shall be authorized to call meetings of the Executive
Board, inspect the financial records of the association and execute authorized
payments to and from the association.

(6) The Treasurer shall oversee the finances of the association, maintain the roll
of regular members in good standing shall make written reports of the
finances as from time to time requested by the President.

(7) The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of the association
(including Executive Board minutes) and shall make written reports of the
same as from time to time requested by the President.

(8) A majority vote of the Executive Board is required for all expenditures of the
association between one and two hundred and fifty ($250) dollars.

(9) At any meeting of the Executive Board, three members shall constitute a

(10) Any member of the Executive Board who is absent from three consecutive
meetings of the Executive Board without sufficient cause shall be subject to
removal from the Board by the President. In case of such removal, the
vacancy caused thereby shall be filled pursuant to the provisions of
Paragraph (4) of this Article.

Article V. Meetings and Elections.

(1) The association shall hold at least four (4) formal meetings each year, at a
time and place to be designated by the Executive Board.

(2) Notice of each meeting shall be mailed by the Secretary to all members all
least seven days before the meeting.

(3) Expenditures by the association of over $250 shall be voted upon by
members at a formal meeting of the association.

Article VI. Voting

(1) Only the votes of regular members in good standing shall be counted for
purposes of electing members of the Executive Board; for amending the bylaws
of the association; and for authorizing expenditures of over $250 by the
association. The votes of members whose due are in arrears may be
counted with respect to any other matter.

(2) The President, Treasurer and Secretary shall be nominated from the floor, biannually,
at the last association meeting of the year.

(3) Voting by proxy shall not be allowed at formal association meetings.

Article VII. Dues

Membership dues shall be payable by the first day of each calendar year. The
amount of membership dues shall be determined by the Executive Board from
time to time. Any member who has been a member of the bar for over 50 years
shall be excused from the payment of dues.

Article VIII. Amendments

These by-laws may be amended, altered or repealed at any formal meeting of
the association, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the regular members in good standing
present and voting, provided that a copy of the proposed amendment has been
submitted to the members in writing at least ten days prior to such meeting.